The Basilica of El Escorial
Madrid - Spain

The 4 organs at the Basilica of El Escorial.
The two large instruments are situated on each side
of the transept crossing. (3 manuals,
complete pedal and 42 singing stops).

The gigantic frescoes above both organs
were painted by Luca Giordano in the 16th century.
The two smaller instruments are located
at the choir on each side of the main console.

Historical data.
The 26th of February 1578 King Felipe II
had commissioned master organbuilder
Gilles Brebos from Netherland, to build
four organs  for the Gran Basilica of El Escorial
during the coming six years. Organbuilder Gilles
died during the period of construction,
but his three sons finished the work and the four
instruments were played the first time during
the benediction of the Basilica in 1584.

During the 17th and 18th centuries several
restaurations of all organs have been taken place.
In the mid 1960s the four instruments have been
completely restored by "OESA" from Madrid.
Since then the four organs can be played
together from one main console.

Photography by Michael Reckling    © All rights reserved